Broadcast on January 09, 2014 on KSCO AM 1080, KOMY AM 1340 and Live Stream.

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HOUR 1: Out And About – Conversations with People on the Street about Questions That Matter

Are we born good? New research suggests we are born innately good with compassionate and self-less tendencies. So why do some people go on to do terrible things whilst others live caring, self-less lives? Why do some of us survive and thrive after experiencing trauma and others do not? Does it depend on what we bring into the world with us, whether it be biological or spiritual, or are our experiences in life key to who we become? How important is developing an inner life? Can it stop us behaving negatively, prevent bad things happening to us and/or help heal us from trauma? Where does the balance lie between nature, nurture, and personal responsibility?
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HOUR 2: (Begins at 53 mins) Interview with Deborah Allen


I interview Deborah Allen, actress, therapist, and screenwriter and film producer of the film JANE, a groundbreaking narrative drama based on a true story that creates a compelling picture of the inner life of a teenage girl in the face of rape and its aftermath. JANE is a story of regeneration. Against the odds, a young girl chooses to find a way through her pain to an authentic whole self, proving that there is a spark within all of us that no one can destroy. Deborah has a master’s degree in theater arts and spent many years in the San Francisco Bay Area theater community, as an actress and director. From 1984-88 she served as the Executive Director of Theater Bay Area. She’s worked with Trap Doors/Puertas Dissimuldas at Watsonville High School with the Bear Republic Theater and Teatro Campesino. She was an artist in residence at the National Theatre of Uganda and directed August Wilson’s Fences at the National Theatre. Deborah is an educator, training mid-life professionals with in-depth psychology, complementary medicine, and trauma education. Her writing has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Callboard Magazine, American Theater Magazine, Tikkun, and African Farmer. For more info on the film JANE go to

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