Broadcast on 26 March 2014 on KSCO AM 1080, KOMY 1340, and

‘It’s A Question Of Balance’ balances the intellectual with the creative. The show combines a debate topic with an arts interview because discussion and creativity are two of the most vital ways we engage with the world.

HOUR 1: Out And About – Conversations with People on the Street about Questions That Matter

We dicuss ‘Has lying become an acceptable part of our culture?’ What do we consider a lie? Is withholding the truth also lying? Is there a difference between personal truth-telling and professional truth-telling? Can we ‘handle the truth’ and who should decide this? Are there lies that help and lies that hurt? Is self-deception the mother of all lies? Why do we want the truth? What would the world be like if the truth reigned? Join the conversation! Email with comments.

HOUR 2: Begins at 0:53 mins.  Arts Interview with Carlene Carter.

I interview Carlene Carter about her life, work and new album Carter Girl. As the daughter of June Carter Cash and country music great Carl Smith, the granddaughter of Mother Maybelle Carter and stepdaughter of Johnny Cash, Carlene says it has been her lifelong goal to make this record. “The songs on the album cover three generations of Carter Family music,” she notes. The album’s first track “Little Black Train” was first recorded by The Carter Family in 1935. “From the day I first touched a guitar or piano,” she recalls, “My mom said, ‘You have to carry on the legacy of the Carter Family music. It’s supposed to be passed on and passed around.'” Nearly a century after the Carter Family’s first recordings changed the course of American music, that circle remains not only unbroken but strengthened by Carlene Carter, who is forever and most happily, a Carter Girl. For more info go to

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