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It’s A Question Of Balance ® radio show balances the intellectual with the creative, exploring whether we have more in common than divides us through thought-provoking conversations – out and about with people on the street on different topics, and in the studio with inspiring guests from the arts. Balance is not a compromise. Balance is truth distilled from many places creating cohesive understanding.

Topic: Out And About – Conversations on the Street about Questions That Matter: Should Everything Be For Sale?

Ruth Copland Jett Williams Interview

In the first hour we revisit the topic ‘Is there anything wrong with a world in which everything is for sale?’ Across America money is being used to incentivise, facilitate and define our lives in ways undreamt of 30 years ago. Children in schools are being paid to read books. Money can buy you a prison cell upgrade, access to the car pool lane while driving solo, the right to immigrate to the USA, the cell phone number of your doctor, the right to pollute the atmosphere, a private army to fight wars, the admission of your child to a prestigious university, first place in line at an amusement park, better health care, entry to a congressional hearing, even arguably an election. From having a free market economy, we seem to have become a free market society, with money defining the way we think about everything. To decide what money should and should not buy we have to decide what values govern the various domains of social and civic life, and how to implement these values. What do you think?

Arts Interview: In-Depth Conversation with Jett Williams Begins at 53 Minutes

Jett Williams On Stage Performing

I interview Jett Williams, singer, songwriter, and daughter of the legendary Hank Williams. Jett was born five days after her father died in 1953. Relinquished by her natural mother, with whom Hank had been having a relationship after his marriage ended, Jett was adopted by Hank’s mother but when she too died soon after Jett was given up for adoption by the rest of the family. During her youth, Jett had no idea who her natural parents were, let alone that her daddy was Hank Williams, but from a very young age she demonstrated an unusual and natural talent for music. Listen in to hear the remarkable story of how Jett found her true roots and proof that Hank Williams had always wanted her, despite family members conspiring to keep the truth from her. Jett came through this remarkable experience to become a singer/songwriter, Grand Ole Opry regular, motivational speaker and caretaker of her father’s music. For more info go to

“It’s A Question of Balance ® so rare among radio talk shows, lets its subjects breathe. With her discursive style and pleasingly eccentric range of curiosity, host Ruth Copland each week treats her listeners to two hours of Whole Brain Radio.
Hampton Sides – Internationally bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and historian

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