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It’s A Question Of Balance ® radio show balances the intellectual with the creative, exploring whether we have more in common than divides us through thought-provoking conversations – out and about with people on the street on different topics, and in the studio with inspiring guests from the arts. Balance is not a compromise. Balance is truth distilled from many places creating cohesive understanding.

Topic: Out And About – Conversations on the Street about Questions That Matter: Is Flexible Morality Acceptable In The Name Of Security?

Is Flexible Morality Acceptable in the Name of Security? Ruth Copland

We consider ‘Is Flexible Morality Acceptable in the Name of Security?’ Attending to the news can be sobering. Conflicts continue around the world, US planes have apparently been targeted for bomb threats and a young Colorado woman has been sentenced to four years in jail for trying to provide material support to the militant group Islamic State. In addition, the controversial interrogation methods of the CIA and the US government continue to be in the news. It is easy to see threat everywhere. In such a world is it possible to maintain ethical standards? Or is it essential to modify our moral stance as necessary to protect our citizens? How do you feel about violating international law and the Geneva Convention in the name of security? Do you feel it is OK to relinquish some civil rights as an American citizen to increase the chances of terrorists being identified? Do you think our position as a moral leader in the world is undermined if our own ethics as a country are mutable? If we use the methods of the enemy can we maintain moral superiority? Is flexible morality acceptable in the name of security?

What do you think? I get the views of people in the local area for our Out and About feature.

Arts Interview: In-Depth Conversation with Kathleen Crocetti Begins at 53 Minutes

Hour 2

This week as my special guest from the arts I’m pleased to be interviewing live in the studio Kathleen Crocetti, award winning conceptual artist, Gail Rich Award Recipient, and 2009 California middle school art educator of the year. Known for creating artworks that challenge people to address and become more involved in social and political issues, a vital part of Kathleen’s artistic practice is community building through facilitating large community art projects where the contributions of individuals come together to create a greater whole. Her Site Specific Community Based Installations began in 1994. Kathleen is most interested in distilling complex social issues into visual metaphors that are readable and engaging to both participants and viewers. This creates situations that bring people together and fosters dialog. She has initiated and overseen many of these community art projects in Corralitos, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, and also a community built mural at a United Nations building in Palestine as a gift of love from Santa Cruz to the people in Gaza. Kathleen studied Sculpture at Mary Washington University and has an MFA from Norwich University in Montpelier. She has taught art for 20 years, the last 12 at Mission Hill Middle School in Santa Cruz. Her work has appeared in multiple one person shows, juried shows, and group shows throughout California and America.

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